is marijuana delivery legal?

Is Marijuana Delivery Legal?

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Marijuana delivery services do exist. Canary, Nestdrop, Eaze, Meadow and Nugg. But do these services exist legally? What about in Colorado? What are the regulations?

For the most part, legal cannabis delivery in American cities is still a distant dream. Sure, Manhattan and its boroughs have one of the world’s most complex systems of bike messengers delivering marijuana and other drugs — but those sales are very much illegal. Even the slick apps listed above can’t legally be used in any of the U.S.’s legal recreational cannabis markets.

It’s simple: marijuana delivery remains illegal in every single U.S. legal market, including Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

So, it was very interesting to us when we stumbled upon a website for “Weed on Wheels.” They call (or rather, called) themselves a 24-hour dispensary and delivery service in Colorado. All you have to do is call or text the number provided and they will deliver all your favorites, from edibles and beverages to flower. They will deliver to any home, work, or hotel in the Boulder/Denver area. Now that’s luxury service.

So, we couldn’t help our curiosity, so we began looking into it. Here’s what we found.

Right off the bat, something seemed fishy, as the grammar on the website is worse than my 12-year-old nephew’s grammar. The design also looks like it came straight from a template, and was barely touched.

Then we found out about a Cannabist reporter who actually called them up – and didn’t immediately get hung up on. The man on the other end of the phone (the Weed on Wheels guy) said that they deliver the weed on a donation basis – for their gas, time etc. And said it was similar to how they do it on Craigslist. But we should mention that Craigslist marijuana sales are very much illegal.

But when the reporter asked if they delivered products that they grew themselves, the man on the other line got uneasy…so clearly something fishy was going on.

The only people that can sell cannabis are licensed dispensaries, or a caregiver that provides it to a patient. Ultimately, there is no legal online marketplace for cannabis in Colorado. So conducting a transfer or marijuana under the pretense of a donation does not make it legal.

What Is Legal

That said, it is legal for adults (over the age of 21) to give away up to 1 ounce of marijuana without remuneration (any compensation or trade) – so you can only give it as a gift.


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